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Delivering exceptional legal solutions in Zimbabwe through expertise and personalized guidance for clients’ success.*

*Please note that Advocates only accept instructions from other legal practitioners. 


Advocate Amanda

Advocate Amanda is a passionate legal practitioner offering specialist legal services. She has experience in a wide range of legal matters in all areas, and has amassed invaluable expertise in diverse litigation matters, consistently achieving above satisfactory outcomes.

Family Law

Legal opinion

Mining Law

Energy & Mining Law

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law


Common Questions

What is the difference between and attorney and an advocate?

An advocate is like a specialist doctor who works with a GP (attorney). Advocates only do specific tasks for attorneys, not for the public. They don't keep files or money from clients. Attorneys must have trust accounts and experience to work as principals. Advocates work alone and need different qualifications. 

About Advocate Amanda
Advocate Amanda


I was recently involved in a legal matter and I was very fortunate to have the help of Amanda.She was vey helpful, and made the entire process much less stressful.
Amanda was incredibly helpful and supportive. She was very honest and upfront about the potential outcomes. I am truly grateful for her assistance.

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